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In 1967, a historical presentation marking the 70th anniversary of the city told the story of twins who communicated through mental telepathy and who still represent each other today. The event has a circular character and includes a competition to find a crane to take on the "double blow." This event took place in 1967 when a group of Twinsburgers founded the festival based on a concept developed by Dennis Casamatta, who also had twins and a daughter, Ray Diersing.

More than a century and a half later, in 1976, the city celebrated the bicentenary of the United States and decided to host a party that the Wilcoxes would have appreciated. Since it was Twinsburg, it made sense to celebrate the twins, and they did until 1976, when the congregation looked for a way to celebrate the nation's centennial.

The two couples decided to marry at the festival in 1993, and later the next year the woman's brother proposed on stage on Twin Days. The twins served as sponsors, including the Minnesota State Fair and the Twin Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau. He thought he was identical until he took a DNA test at a festival in 2002 and learned he was fraternal with his twin.

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The Double Vision Spectacle is an annual festival that brings thousands of twins from around the world to Northeast Ohio to celebrate their twin births. The festival attracts many members of the scientific community who use the presence of a thousand identical and fraternal twins to conduct voluntary twin studies to determine the genetic makeup of their subjects. Biometric researchers take photos of each twin to help computer scientists develop better facial and speech recognition systems, and twins speak with their own voices for the first time at the annual twins conference. DNA samples, surveys, DNA samples and recruitment of study participants are conducted in the Twin Cities and other cities in the United States.

The Monell Chemical Senses Center expects to collect 450 twins over the weekend and conduct research on more than 2,000 twins.

Miller says planning the two-day event, which is being organised by volunteers, has been a 12-month undertaking. Only a fraction of the research, which can take three years elsewhere, can be done on a single day of the festival.

The Gist twins speak of the many stimuli, curiosities and irritations that accompany twins, and many nearby twins nod sympathetically. The twins caught the eye as they rode down the parade route in a convertible, wearing matching red sequined hats. They walk in front of a mirror frame positioned so that they can pose on both sides to act as reflection. On the second day, the twins - costumed family members - walk together on a theme float with an old calliope playing carnival songs.

This community festival is about the twins, but it is also a folk festival with food, games, rides and entertainment. We enjoyed the Twin Days Festival and are now participating in this annual event for the third time.

The festival is one of the most popular events in the Twin Cities, and a recent survey by the Ohio Department of Economic Development found that the event has brought in more than $5.4 million to the local economy. Seventy-six percent of those visitors said they spent an average of $150 in restaurants and $1,000 in retail. The survey found that non-local participants spent more than $1.5 million, while other visitors to the area contributed more than $3.8 million to the local economy.

About 1,140 sets and multiples, including music, dance, food, entertainment, arts and crafts and other activities for children and adults.

Quite a few rhymed with the name, and the twins got together after they started out as a group to find other companions. The identical 30-year-old twins drove nearly 1,000 miles to meet other people who were in the same room with their twin brother a few years ago.

More About Twinsburg

More About Twinsburg